Superfood Mushrooms




Based in Rochester, New York, Leep Foods cultivates gourmet mushrooms for foodies and chefs - and for anyone who seeks a versatile superfood that is organic, nutrient-rich, and delicious!

We aspire to bring the mushroom industry into the twenty-first century and we strive to be friendly stewards of the Earth. We are strongly committed to sustainable production and our strict food safety and quality standards enable us to grow the cleanest, most pristine mushrooms possible.

We challenge the mushroom industry to do better.

We cultivate our mushrooms with care - and with compassion for the Earth. We are USDA Organic Certified and we grow our mushrooms on American hardwood sawdust. Our mushrooms are grown locally with pride to be shared with customers all over the country.



Rich in antioxidants, beta glucans, minerals, and essential antioxidants such as ergothioneine.

Coral Maitake™ and Blue Oyster Mushrooms are nutty and savory. The Coral Maitake™ has a firm, crisp texture and the blue oyster gives a hearty crunch.

Our mushrooms can be used in many ways by professional and home chefs alike: as a meat alternative, base for sauces, soup ingredient, side dish, or in stuffing. They do not need to be washed before cooking, preserving their flavor and can be grilled, sauteed, or stir fried.

Cooking the mushrooms is important because it increases the bioavailability of their important nutrients.



These mushrooms are so versatile and delicious, they work perfectly for any type of cuisine. Here are some of our favorite mushroom-forward recipes.


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