This is what
mushrooms should taste like.

At Leep Foods, we aim to Serve Something Amazing.

We venture beyond run-of-the-mill, mainstream mushrooms, to focus on unique varieties with a taste that’s anything but ordinary: the Coral Maitake™️ (also known as hen-of-the-woods) and Blue Oyster.

Blue Oyster Mushrooms

Blue Oyster Mushrooms

Coral Maitake™️ Mushroom

Coral Maitake™️ Mushroom


The founders of Leep Foods are an eclectic group of engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs who are uncompromising in our commitment to integrity, transparency, accountability, and quality.

Based in Rochester, New York, Leep Foods cultivates gourmet mushrooms for foodies and chefs—and for anyone who seeks a versatile superfood that is organic, nutrient-rich, and delicious.

We aspire to bring the mushroom industry into the 21st century by creating a more diverse selection of varieties as we strive to be friendly stewards of the Earth.

We are strongly committed to sustainable production, and our strict food safety and quality standards enable us to grow the cleanest, most pristine mushrooms possible.


Left to Right:  Scott Valpay ,  CFO/Co-founder ,  George Zheng ,  COO/Co-founder ,  Chris Carter ,  EVP/Co-founder ,  Luke Luft ,  Production Manager/Mycologist

Left to Right: Scott Valpay, CFO/Co-founder, George Zheng, COO/Co-founder, Chris Carter, EVP/Co-founder, Luke Luft, Production Manager/Mycologist


The origin of our company name is the maitake itself, which has a fascinating history in Japan. Known by the scientific name Grifola frondosa, “maitake” (舞茸) means “dancing mushroom.” Some say its name arose from the jubilant reaction of Japanese monks upon finding a maitake in the wild—the discovery would inspire them to leap for joy and dance. During Japan’s feudal era, the maitake was even used as currency, traded for its weight in silver.

Our goal is to make our customers “Leep” for joy by providing them with high-quality, organic, sustainably grown mushrooms that offer major health benefits and superior taste.